On the 30th, MBC President Ahn Hyung Jun met with HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk during his visit to MBC Sangam.

During the meeting, MBC President Ahn Hyung Jun expressed his regrets for the suffering that artists had endured due to incorrect production practices and outdated methods in the past.

MBC president proposed a dialogue to establish progressive production practices with HYBE.

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Over the past four years, there had been a hiatus in the exchange of artists and content between MBC and HYBE.

As a result, HYBE artists such as LE SSERAFIM and ENHYPEN couldn’t appear on MBC Show! Music Core.

During their meeting, President Ahn suggested to Chairman Bang, “Let’s rectify the flawed production culture that has long persisted between broadcasting companies and entertainment companies.”

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“We must create an environment for content production that is respectful and considerate of each other.”

He also stated that MBC would lead efforts to enhance artists’ rights and build a fair partnership, aiming to create an entertainment environment that allows for mutual growth.

Chairman Bang expressed his utmost gratitude for MBC consideration in uplifting K-pop artists’ rights.

He also conveyed, “I hope this meeting will be an opportunity to establish progressive production practices not only for our two companies but for the entire entertainment industry in South Korea.”

This meeting effectively bridged the gap and paved the way for a new relationship between the two parties.

After this meeting, both parties agreed to announce a collaboration plan.

This was specifically aimed at ushering in a new paradigm in the entertainment industry in the near future.

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