Lee Su Hyun of AKMUThrough the KBIZoom platform, it was revealed that AKMU appeared as a guest on the JTBC Newsroom show on August 27, 2023.


During the occasion, AKMU shared interesting stories and announced the release of their 4th single titled “Love Lee.”


Lee Su Hyun revealed her nostalgic feelings when she first listened to the song “Love Lee.” Every time she hears it, she feels the urge to sing the song with the same passion she had when singing “200%.”


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Meanwhile, even though her brother had a different reaction, he observed that the song “Love Lee” carries a vibe similar to the energy present in the song “200%.”


Lee Su Hyun of AKMU expressed her joy upon realizing that her brother, Lee Chan Hyuk, is still capable of expressing emotions so sincerely. Shortly afterward, Lee Chan Hyuk explained that he had overlooked his own humorous side for a long time. Nevertheless, as he delved deeper into understanding himself, he realized that this aspect still existed.


With great enthusiasm, Lee Chan Hyuk recounted how he finally managed to discover his hidden side and revealed it as if unpacking a compressed file.

Lee Su Hyun mentioned that in their previous album, their smiles were never seen. However, while promoting the song “Love Lee,” they were genuinely happy because they could finally smile brightly.


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During the production of the song, it turned out that Lee Chan Hyuk also carefully considered his sister’s singing style, Lee Su Hyun’s.


Moreover, Le Suhyun of AKMU also shared that she had gone through challenging times. She talked about two years ago when her life went through ups and downs, and she even contemplated ending her music career.


Then, Lee Chan Hyuk, the elder brother of Lee Su Hyun, revealed that he had provided a lot of support to his sister and planned to create a song that could be enjoyed not only by Lee Su Hyun but could also be sung together this time.


Therefore, Lee Chan Hyuk acknowledged that positive energy had been flowing over the past few years, and he felt very happy with this comeback.


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Furthermore, Lee Chan Hyuk shared his feelings about his sister with affection, expressing his hope that through this collaboration, they would be able to create and sing songs of even better quality.


Lee Su Hyun’s response was equally warm. She responded to Lee Chan Hyuk’s words by expressing deep gratitude to her brother. She admitted that Lee Chan Hyuk’s unwavering support had helped her navigate through these tough times gracefully. Lee Su Hyun committed to working even harder in musical collaboration with her brother, with full spirit and happiness.






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