Jeon So Min is angry at herself for being expelled after failing the audition (SBS)
Jeon So Min is angry because she was expelled from Running Man


Jeon So Min РThe screening of the latest episode of Running Man on Saturday, August 27, 2023, caused a sensation. This was due to the presence of Jeon So Min, who was supposed to blend in with the others but appeared to be forced to leave the gathering place of the members for the shooting.


In the recent episode of Running Man that was just released, the show adopted a unique audition concept where the members were invited to showcase their comedic actions.


Jeon So Min appeared for the first time with a rap performance that brought laughter, followed by Song Ji Hyo’s bold moves.


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However, before the show’s curtain was raised, attention was drawn to Yang Se Chan, who commented on Song Ji Hyo’s appearance.


“I personally like your farmer’s look,” Yang Se Chan said while observing Song Ji Hyo with her tousled hair.


Yang Se Chan’s comment brought laughter from the members present.

Jeon So Min is angry at herself for being expelled after failing the audition (SBS)


“I have a lot of baby hair,” Song Ji Hyo responded to Yang Se Chan’s comment.


By earning extra points from her farmer’s appearance, Song Ji Hyo finally succeeded in passing the audition round with pride.


On the other hand, luck was not on Jeon So Min’s side as she had to face defeat and was reluctantly eliminated from the competition.


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Haha commented, “You’re too mischievous to be with us.”


Tears flowed uncontrollably as Jeon So Min had to be escorted out by security guards, leaving behind deep emotional traces in this audition journey.


She then targeted Haha, “Does he know hip-hop? I didn’t do an interview. Get rid of the camera!”


“My rap performance was perfect. Don’t air this!” she concluded.


Jeon So Min refused to answer interview questions, displaying an angry expression that drew laughter.

However, Jeon So Min doesn’t seem to give up. She tried to change the situation by showcasing a dance.


Unfortunately, she was once again escorted out by security guards, causing the members to burst into laughter.


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