Jin of BTS – Even though Jin from BTS is currently undergoing mandatory military service, he continues to prove his popularity by maintaining his position as one of the widely recognized and acknowledged Asian men among many people.


For 20 consecutive days since August 8, 2023, he has held this position, setting a record as the only Asian man to achieve such a feat. On August 27, Jin also secured the ninth rank in the “America’s Most Powerful Music Influencer” list released by HypeAuditor.


Occupying the top two spots behind Justin Bieber, Jin solidified his position among the famous men worldwide. Hype Auditor, an agency specializing in influencer impact analysis, has provided ranking analysis services to brands and agencies using AI algorithms to identify fake followers on Instagram accounts.


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While many big names like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna dominate the list, Jin of BTS remains the only male to secure a spot in the top ten. This achievement serves as evidence of Jin’s remarkable power and appeal in the United States, a country that serves as a base for various renowned artists.


As the only BTS member to make it into the top 50 of the chart, Jin also achieved an astonishing feat with a total of 202 days as one of the 1000 Most Influential People in America.


In June, he achieved another remarkable feat by ranking first as the Most Influential Music Influencer globally in the same list.


Despite being in the midst of his mandatory military service, Jin’s Instagram account continues to display an exceptional and consistent response rate, ranging from 22-26%, across various platforms.


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This achievement reflects the highest level of engagement among the top ten Korean celebrities with the largest number of followers. It also encompasses a genuine evaluation of participation, distinguishing between interactions conducted by real individuals and bots.

Meanwhile, Jin’s solo song titled “The Astronaut” has managed to maintain its top position in the category of the most popular music on YouTube for 17 consecutive days. This accomplishment makes Jin the first K-pop artist to hold that position for such an extended period.


Recently, “The Astronaut” also reached the first rank in the “KPOP TOP 40 Ranking” held by Vega Radio, a prominent radio station in Argentina.


The song has remained in the top rank for 43 weeks, reaffirming Jin from BTS’s undeniable dominance as a top soloist on the world stage.


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