ITZYThe girl group ITZY made a comeback on July 31st with the album “Kill My Doubt” and the title track “CAKE.”

Since their comeback on July 31st, ITZY has been promoting their music for one month.


Although netizens have questioned the length of ITZY’s music promotions compared to other groups, Korean netizens have been paying attention to the group’s recent after-party video.


On Sunday (September 3rd), ITZY conducted a live broadcast of their latest music promotion after-party, which was shared on their official YouTube channel.


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From this live broadcast, the video quality of ITZY caught the attention of netizens and became a topic of discussion in online communities.

Some people stated that the video quality was low, even though it was maximized with the highest available video quality in the broadcast.


Meanwhile, the video quality of ITZY’s live broadcast that was shared showed a maximum quality of 720p.

The circulation of this video quality has led fans to express that they have been requesting better video quality for years but have not received feedback thus far.


According to theqoo, a fan mentioned that ITZY is currently in the country (South Korea), not abroad, so there shouldn’t be issues with internet speed affecting video quality.


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The posts about ITZY’s live broadcast video quality shared on theqoo have sparked discussions among Korean netizens.


“It’s about 144p…”


“I thought it wasn’t like this even in the early 2000s.”


“Don’t the staff monitor this?”


“It’s not just done by the members; there should be staff monitoring it, so why was it left like that?”


“This isn’t the first time; it’s been going on for several years? Geez.”


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“Even some YouTubers have better video quality; why can’t they do that?”


“Is this shot in a remote island??”


“Are you using a data speed-capped package?”


“I regret hearing that 720p is considered good…”




“Are ITZY really against the company?”


“I’ve seen this kind of thing a few times in the early versions. Skiz’s fan meeting and the one in Japan were really bad.”


“No monitoring?”


“Was it shot with a 2G phone?”


“What are you doing, Minecraft?” and other comments.


What do you think about this situation?




Source: Theqoo

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