ATTRAKT – The polemic between FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, known as ATTRAKT, continues to drag on and become increasingly complicated.


Instead of showcasing their existence as singers, FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT seem to prefer displaying a fierce legal battle to their fans.


FIFTY FIFTY, who lost against ATTRAKT, appears reluctant to accept the reality and continues to fight their agency with the unwavering belief that they did nothing wrong.


What started as the agency’s claim that another party intended to steal their artists turns out to be a much deeper issue.


FIFTY FIFTY, once nurtured by ATTRAKT, now receives various forms of hate speech from netizens, and they are even labeled as traitors.


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Unwilling to continue lamenting their increasingly strained relationship with their first artist, ATTRAKT, who is trying to maintain that connection, now seems to be moving on.


The agency led by CEO Jeon Hong Joon is embarking on a new journey by seeking new talents to once again shake up the KPop world.


Through their SNS account, on Monday September 4, 2023, the company announced that they will soon launch a project for a new girl group.


As expected, just like when they were betrayed by FIFTY FIFTY, this small agency receives support from netizens.

Despite still being embroiled in legal issues with FIFTY FIFTY, their spirit to make an impact in the KPop world never fades.


Immediately after the announcement was made, netizens expressed various reactions.


Here are some netizen comments:


“Ah, I hope this goes well.”


“Even though they’ve been hit from behind, this agency will still stand and continue to create. I believe in that, fighting!”


“Wow, amazing haha.”


“Good luck!”


“Wow, huhu. I will support this team when they debut. Please recruit many talented and promising members.”


“This time, I hope to find good members in every aspect.”


“Because the CEO’s personality and willingness to audition are well-known, many talented trainees will flock to their website.”


“I hope everything goes well. Fighting!”


“I think this will get a lot of attention at first.”


“As soon as it comes out, it will get a lot of attention, and even people not interested in K-Idols will at least listen to their songs once.”


“Hopefully, there are many applicants with strong vocals. I hope they succeed,” and various other comments.

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