AKMUThe ranking position of AKMU on the Melon Chart has become a topic of discussion among Knetz, following their consecutive appearances alongside Jungkook of BTS and NewJeans.


It seems that AKMU’s popularity never wanes, as they managed to follow Jungkook of BTS and NewJeans on the Melon Chart.


The latest songs from AKMU, Jungkook of BTS, and NewJeans are seen lined up on the Melon Chart.

AKMU themselves released a single titled “Love Lee” on August 21st last month.


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Two weeks later, AKMU’s “Love Lee” song continued to climb the Melon Chart and soon followed Jungkook of BTS and NewJeans.


An OP  shared a screenshot from the Melon Chart on a Korean community site.

The screenshot displays the rankings of AKMU, Jungkook of BTS, and NewJeans‘ songs.


From the screenshot, it can be seen that Jungkook holds the 1st position, NewJeans are at 2nd and 3rd, and AKMU is at 4th.



With these song rankings, some netizens hope that AKMU‘s position will continue to rise and may even reach the top spot.


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This is because AKMU’s songs are always well-received by the public, meaning that everyone enjoys their songs.


Here are some comments from KNetz regarding the ranking of AKMU‘s “Love Lee” on the Melon Chart:


AKMU‘s music never fails; they are the public’s choice.”


“Wow, impressive. It’s unrelated, but Jungkook is truly impressive considering his competition.”


“They keep improving.”


“The song is so good.”


“Oh, I need to listen to this.”


“The song is too good.”


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“I hope they reach the first place, haha.”


“I hope people can praise AKMU.”


“They match NewJeans‘ album color scheme, haha, please have both groups collaborate.”


“This isn’t a collaboration, but NewJeans is challenging AKMU.” and various other comments.




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