Yoo Ah In has recently been questioned by the police on charges of using illegal narcotics.

Then, on this Friday, November 3, it was reported that Yoo Ah In is alleged to have threatened a YouTuber to change his statement.

YouTuber Hairmon (Kim Woo Joon) claimed that Yoo Ah In had pressured him to alter his statement regarding drug use, and even engaged in threats.

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Previously, YouTuber Hairmon made a statement to the police that he had smoked marijuana with Yoo Ah In.

Subsequently, the prosecution received an allegation that Yoo Ah In had pressured YouTuber Hairmon to reverse his statement.

Based on Hairmon’s statement, Yoo Ah In spoke to him on August 1 and mentioned his activities as a YouTuber.

“You’re sure to be free of charges, so I think you’ll want to continue your YouTube activities after the trial. You’re a YouTuber widely recognized by the public. Even after the detention hearing, I didn’t even say that I smoked with you. I hope you think about it carefully and make a statement that you don’t know anything,” Yoo Ah In said, as revealed by YouTuber Hairmon, quoted from KBIZoom.

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Furthermore, Yoo Ah In is mentioned to have threatened the YouTuber to disclose the details of the investigation.

“No investigation has the authority to be revealed to the media, but if I change my statement and say that we smoked marijuana together, it will be published in the news. Imagine you’re free of charges and proudly return to YouTube, and then an article accusing me of using drugs with you comes out, people will criticize you for lying,” Yoo Ah In’s threat was revealed by Hairmon.

Not stopping there, Yoo Ah In is said to have continued to threaten him not to say too much because he wanted his case to be resolved quickly.

“I hope you can think about how bad you will look in the eyes of people if I reveal the true story. If we were ordinary people, this minor case would not have happened and would have ended very peacefully and quickly without anyone knowing. Because many things can be different when conveyed orally, this case has been going on for a very long time and is exhausting,” Yoo Ah In said again, as revealed by Hairmon.

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Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In was found to have illegally received propofol injections as many as 181 times in multiple hospitals since September 2020, until March 2022.

Yoo Ah In is also reported to have requested prescriptions for 1,010 sleeping pills under someone else’s name more than 40 times from July 2021 to August 2022.

Regarding his actions, Yoo Ah In even registered his sister’s identity number with Park, the CEO of a fashion brand, and asked him to obtain sleeping pills by pretending to be his sister.

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Yoo Ah In also once provided his father’s identity number to a hospital doctor in Gangnam, saying, “I will deliver sleeping pills to my father.”

According to KBIZoom, Yoo Ah In first trial is scheduled to resume on November 14, 2023, and the prosecutor is currently continuing the investigation into the drug charges against the actor.

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