Hyunsuk TREASURE is currently facing criticism as fans express concern about his attitude.

Hyunsuk TREASURE is now in the spotlight, diverting attention from his artistic skills and stage performance.

This has affected the synergy between Hyunsuk TREASURE and his fans due to the perceived change in his attitude.

The perceived shift has caused disappointment and anxiety among his fans.

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People gathered on Nate Pann have voiced their concerns and shared their dissatisfaction with his recent behavior as an idol.

The incident stemmed from a recent change in Hyunsuk chosen style. His presence in the music world has brought a real evolution in the way he dresses. He recently got a lip piercing, which sparked debates among his fans.

Fans expressed, “It’s so ridiculous and funny. Every time he goes live, he complains about everything, whines about how hard it is for him, speaks negatively about everything. He can’t even handle a few crazy hater comments.”

They continued, “and he complains to his fans about it. He did this for a few weeks and then stopped appearing on Weverse.”

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“When he returned, he came back to show off his lip piercing and now interacts fiercely on Weverse, and it’s amusing.”

Other fans also commented, “Seriously, where can you find an idol who started in their rooms with no debt while receiving instant solutions and receiving a one billion won (750,000 USD) investment? Now, they’re in their third year, spending a lot of money on luxury items.”

“Left and right, they buy luxury items, but during their live broadcasts, they complain about how difficult and painful it is. Fans are really worried and even suggested that they hold a fan support event yesterday and fill the comments section with sweet words.”

“The next day, we hear the leaders getting nose and lip piercings, and they vent their stress on Weverse. Still don’t understand why we are so frustrated? If they want to do whatever they want, why become an idol? I think the reason he says these things during live broadcasts is just because he wants to show off his piercings.”

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On November 1, Hyunsuk shared a post containing lyrics from Misogi’s song “Gossip.”

Fans speculated that this was not a genuine song recommendation, but Hyunsuk indirectly commented on the concerns expressed by the fans.

Fans responded, “Hyunsuk… all Treasure Makers (TREASURE’s fandom) know that you didn’t recommend a song like this, take a screenshot. It feels like you didn’t really want to recommend it because you like the song, and that’s a bit disappointing. I hope you kick off November with songs that you truly like. It seems like such feelings are unavoidable.”

Other fans joined online communities and explained that fans are not only disappointed with Hyunsuk’s recent piercing but also with his attitude towards his fans.

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They explained, “It’s not just because of the piercing… Fans have been wanting a more reserved style from the beginning, but for over a year and eight months, he has been choosing the style he wants and even wore a man bun style.”

“We never said anything directly about it, but a few days ago, he said he’s really been struggling lately and said he can’t do what he wants in the group. He said he didn’t like his debut era style.”

“He would look at Namu Wiki’s page, and he asked fans if they would like it no matter what, so fans thought he was really struggling, so we supported him. But the next morning, he said he got the piercing because he was stressed. So fans complained to him. And that same morning, he posted the lyrics of the song.”

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“In my opinion, TREASURE members are more straightforward than other idols. If other idols did what they do, they would have been canceled by now.”

“I think he doesn’t want fans; he wants servants and an ATM.”

“He really underestimates everything.”

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