Yoo Seung Ho has landed a completely different role in the latest series, “The Deal.”

Although he had never played a character like this before, he showed his talent in delving into new territories.

In a recent interview at the Wave office in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, on the morning of October 23rd, Yoo Seung Ho explained his extraordinary role in the original series titled “The Deal.” “The Deal” was written by Hong Jong Sung and directed by Lee Jung Gon.

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In this role, actor Yoo Seung Ho displayed a tough side that he had never shown in his previous works. He mentioned that it was something new for him, and while he acknowledged that it wasn’t an easy task, he found it intriguing.

“I was somewhat surprised when the director proposed this project to me. I’ve always wanted to try new things, and I’m interested in the thriller and crime genre, but I also know that changing my image and acting style is not an easy task. I read the script, and it was genuinely fascinating. I quickly gave a positive response to the director,” Yoo Seung Ho shared in his interview with Wave.

Yoo Seung Ho went on to explain that he had worked on many melodrama genre projects and felt like he had been categorized in that genre. In this role, he wanted to portray a more complex character.

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Regarding his character’s appearance, Yoo Seung Ho mentioned, “The director wanted to see me with black hair and a short haircut. Even though the characters Joon Sung Yi and Jae Hyo (Kim Dong Hui) are criminals, there is moral depth to these roles, and I tried to play them while maintaining the integrity of the character.”

Apart from the physical transformation, Yoo Seung Ho emphasized the intensive character preparation. He revealed that he had to learn many things he was unfamiliar with, including scenes in a convenience store within an illegal site.

He said, “During the smoking scenes, I felt nervous. I was afraid of looking awkward in front of the camera, but I tried to do it sincerely.”

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According to Bing, the series “The Deal” can be streamed on The Roku Channel with free ads or purchased as a download on Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV, or Vudu.

Meanwhile, “The Deal” is a Korean drama with a thrilling kidnapping plot worth 100 billion KRW. Six episodes have been released, and new episodes will continue to be released every Friday at 6 AM KST.

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