Lee Sun Kyun – On October 23, it was reported that actor Lee Sun Kyun has resigned from the upcoming thriller drama titled “No Way Out.”

As per Soompi, South Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports conveyed that the production team of “No Way Out” has postponed the shooting schedule for 2 weeks in order to reorganize the cast to replace Lee Sun Kyun.

In response to Lee Sun Kyun departure from the drama, a representative from “No Way Out” released a statement:

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“Immediately after the unfortunate incident involving actor Lee Sun Kyun occurred last week, [Lee Sun Kyun] reluctantly expressed his intention to resign because it was decided that it would take a significant amount of time to resolve the situation.

The production team agreed to accept his decision in accordance with the agreement with his management. The current shooting is proceeding according to the schedule and will not be delayed,” said the representative of “No Way Out.”

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“No Way Out” is an upcoming thriller mystery drama that revolves around the struggle between those who wish to kill and those who wish to survive. The storyline involves a heinous criminal being released from prison, and a public murder contract with a reward of 20 billion won (approximately 235 billion rupiahs) on the line.

Lee Sun Kyun was cast as the main character, a police officer named Baek Joong Sik, who protects the citizens from this ruthless murderer.

Originally, the shooting for Lee Sun Kyun’s role was scheduled to commence on October 20. Following the news of the actor’s involvement in a drug case, he is currently under investigation along with 7 other suspects.

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The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit received information that an entertainment venue in Gangnam, Seoul was being probed for its connection to the actor’s drug-related case.

Recently, he was suspected of providing hush money to entertainment business officials to cover up his drug-related activities.

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