Han Hyo Joo – In her role as a mother in “Moving,” Han Hyo Joo revealed her thoughts on switching genres, which prompted netizens to mention Sehun and Lee Kwangsoo’s names.

In an interview, Han Hyo Joo reminisced about how she was loved through “Moving,” and Sehun and Kwangsoo were brought up in the conversation.

After “Moving,” actress Han Hyo Joo expressed her inner feelings in line with her acting career’s accumulation.

On October 7th, during the 28th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Han Hyo Joo conducted an interview through BH Entertainment.

Through BH Entertainment, Han Hyo Joo was introduced in 2021 through a special program that invited actors representing the contemporary Korean film industry and allowed you to listen to their in-depth stories about acting.

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Han Hyo Joo also shared her thoughts on acting and what she considers the best acting scenes.

She expressed her excitement, saying, “Even though I’m currently working as an actor, I’m also a film enthusiast who loves watching movies. That’s why the Busan International Film Festival gives me tremendous joy when I visit Busan with my work.”

Han Hyo Joo’s appearance in “Believer 2” revolves around Wonho (Cho Jin Woong), who continues to pursue Tuan Lee’s organization after a fierce battle at Yongsan Station, Rock (Oh Seung Hoon).

In this action film, Han Hyo Joo portrays an astonishing role as Big Knife, who knows Tuan Lee’s true identity, the boss of the organization.

In “Believer 2,” Han Hyo Joo plays the role of Lee Mi Hyun, a paranormal and the youngest senior agent of the National Intelligence Agency, which was released in August.

Lee Kwangsoo and EXO’s Sehun are desired for a reunion with Han Hyo Joo in “Moving” because they want to change genres (Naver).

Specifically, she mentioned that she had to portray a high school student character in the drama and said, “Isn’t that too much for me? I was around 33 or 34 when I received the offer for ‘Moving.’ But when I was told it was a high school student role, I thought, ‘Can I do this?'”

Han Hyo Joo continued, “I believe I’m an actor who likes to choose the difficult path and take on challenges rather than projects I can easily select. That’s why I’m more interested in taking a path I haven’t walked before and wearing clothes I’ve never tried before. I try to do something tough but very challenging, and I think I feel greater joy when I achieve it.”

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She also revealed her feelings during that time by saying, “But I’m still afraid of being evaluated every time a work comes out. I’m nervous every time my work is released, and even when ‘Moving’ was released after so long, I was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep before its release. My body is more sensitive than I thought. Fortunately, when it was published, people said it was very enjoyable, and I enjoyed it. And everyone who welcomed me wherever I went, so I felt like crying. It’s been a long time since I received good reviews; it’s actually just criticism, and I hope I’m not influenced by it.”

Han Hyo Joo mentioned that she watched the last three episodes of “Moving” with the cinema audience along with her mother.

“I’ve never been a mother before, so I wondered what I should do, and I think I could portray my own mother because my mother is very dedicated,” she said.

In the future, Han Hyo Joo expressed her desire to challenge comedy films through BH Entertainment.

“I’ve always envied people with a sense of humor. I have everything; I’m beautiful and young with a bright future ahead. But I think I lack humor. I’m the serious type, as I say it. I definitely want to have it in my future life. I want to do a lot of fun things. I’m not a funny person, but I’m someone who wants to be funny.”

When asked about her thoughts on comedy acting, Han Hyo Joo said, “I think the reason people think they can do comedy well is that the person doing it must be serious. No, that’s right. If it’s funny, it’s a big bug. I’m serious; that’s why it’s something I can do well.”

As a result, comments started coming in, especially since her expressed her desire to switch genres, and Sehun and Lee Kwangsoo were mentioned for a possible reunion.

Han Hyo Joo played the role of a mother in the drama ‘Moving.’

“Remember, Han Hyo Joo once played a high school student in ‘Happiness.’ Even though there were only a few high school scenes, she still acted like a high school student. Now, playing a mother suits her as well. Even the oval glasses suit her. Every role she takes on suits her.”

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“Even though she looks like Bongsok’s older sister, she’s now a mother, haha.”

“Actually, if you watch her on variety shows, she can adapt. She can be funny.”

“Her acting is really good. In my opinion, she never fails in any role. Her real personality is fun in variety shows too.”

“She was really funny in ‘W Two Worlds’.”

“Weren’t the movies she did with Kwangsoo and Sehun not comedies?”

“She suits any role.”




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