One of South Korea’s best footballers, Son Heung Min, has recently become a hot topic on social media. This is because of rumors about his marriage.

According to a post from X (Twitter), Son Heung Min is said to be preparing for his wedding with popular Korean actress Moon Ga Young. Despite the post being deleted, it still sparks speculation among netizens.

Fans are eagerly awaiting both of their comments regarding these rumors.

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Recently, Son Heung Min made his first statement after the marriage rumors started circulating on social media.

Son Heung Min admitted that, at the moment, he is solely focused on his football career.

“Even in the previous season, when I had to bear a lot of things, I still enjoyed playing football because football is my life. This season, I am very happy to play football at the highest level in the attacking position and score goals,” explained Son Heung Min during an interview on Saturday (October 28).

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While the rumors weren’t entirely dismissed by Son Heung Min, his fans believe that this statement is an indirect form of clarification. Based on his statement, Son Heung Min’s supporters conclude that the marriage rumors are entirely untrue.

They believe that Son Heung Min is currently fully dedicated to his football career. In one of his past interviews, Son Heung Min mentioned that he would consider marriage after retiring.

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According to the fans, this aligns with Son Heung Min’s recent statement, implying that he will focus on his career and consider marriage after retirement.

At present, Son Heung Min is at the peak of his career, holding the second position on the list of top scorers in the English Premier League, having scored 8 goals since the beginning of the season.

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