BTS – HYBE LABEL has spoken out in response to the recent celebrity drug scandal that implicated a BTS member.

On October 28th, HYBE firmly denied false rumors about a BTS member frequently visiting a bar where actor Lee Sun Kyun and G Dragon were allegedly using drugs.

Quoting from Naver, HYBE stated, “The rumors raised by some individuals about our artist (BTS) and the specific location are not true.”

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Furthermore, they said, “Two BTS members are unaware of that location and have never visited it.”

In their statement, HYBE also confirmed their intent to take legal action to address the false rumors concerning BTS.

HYBE stressed that, “We have initiated legal action regarding false information about our artist (BTS). We will hold the company accountable for the continued spread of false information.”

It is worth noting that HYBE statement was in response to claims made by the YouTube channel Garo Vere Research Institute.

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Previously, BIGHIT MUSIC, the agency overseeing BTS, briefly stated that their artists had no connection to the Lee Sun Kyun and G Dragon drug scandal.

Both of the celebrities suspected of drug use are currently under investigation. Actor Lee Sun Kyun has already been summoned by the police for questioning on October 28th.

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As for G Dragon, there is no further information at the moment. However, the former BIGBANG member has denied drug use allegations.

Despite denying these accusations, G Dragon has promised to cooperate with the drug scandal investigation.

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