The news related to the drug case involving G Dragon continues to evolve up to the present.

Two of G Dragon’s lawyers have provided their perspectives on the possible outcomes for the BIGBANG leader.

One of G Dragon’s lawyers stated that the BIGBANG member may face a severe punishment if proven to be involved in drug use.

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On Saturday, October 28, lawyer Lim Hye Joo estimated in an interview with Yonhap News TV, “If it is revealed that he was involved in drug use, he could receive a heavier punishment due to his previous history of issues.”

In an interview with YTN Newswide on the 29th, lawyer Jimin Yang also discussed the case.

He said, “When dealing with drug cases, there are many cases where individuals remain silent to gain an advantage.”

“If the name of a famous person is uttered by someone, they are immediately charged. However, if not, the police may quietly conduct internal investigations,” he explained.

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He continued,G Dragon was charged when crucial evidence was found. Therefore, the fact that Kwon Ji Yong was charged by an investigative agency like Lee Sun Kyun means there is some very significant evidence.”

He also mentioned, “I deny it, but I think we need to consider what kind of strategy should be applied.”

He added, “Even if we assume there is a drug use case, if the incident was in the distant past, there is room for thought, and the case can be avoided even if a forced investigation is conducted,” said the lawyer.

It is worth noting that G Dragon was previously investigated by prosecutors in 2011 on allegations of smoking marijuana at a club in Japan.

At the time, the prosecutors suspended the charges, stating that G Dragon was a first-time offender and that he had only smoked a very small amount, not meeting the standards for drug crime penalties.

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Following this, G Dragon appeared on SBS’s ‘Healing Camp’ and admitted that his problem was that he received a cigarette from a stranger and smoked it at a party during a tour.

He expressed his frustration by revealing the reason he mistakenly thought it was a regular cigarette.

G Dragon has faced new allegations of drug use recently, but he has stated that they are not true through his legal representative.

“I have never used drugs. I declare that I have no connection to the recent reports about the ‘Narcotics Control Act violations’ released to the media,” he said.

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He also stated, “However, I know many people are worried, so I will actively cooperate with the investigation agency and work more faithfully.”

Meanwhile, an individual identified as “A,” an employee of an entertainment company who testified regarding Lee Sun Kyun’s drug use allegations, also testified about G Dragon’s alleged drug use.

As a result, on the evening of the 28th, Lee Sun Kyun appeared in public at the Incheon Nonhyeon Police Office after being detained and interrogated by the police for five days.

The police charged G Dragon without detention and prohibited him from leaving the country, and they are currently coordinating the investigation schedule.

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