Netflix has now announced the production of their latest series titled “Trigger.”

The series “Trigger” has garnered attention by featuring Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young.

They will appear as the main cast in Netflix’s series, “Trigger.”

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“Trigger” is an action thriller drama that delves into the dark world of illegal arms trade in South Korea, a country that was previously gun-free.

The story follows two men who wield firearms in different circumstances.

Set in a vastly different backdrop from the norms of the Republic of Korea, a nation with strict gun ownership laws, “Trigger” explores a series of unprecedented shooting incidents.

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The drama is designed to captivate audiences worldwide with its inventive setting, intricate storyline, and realistic portrayal of urban Seoul.

A key aspect of this series is the exploration of different perspectives on gun ownership.

It will navigate the narrative on gun ownership from both angles.

The first perspective serves as a means of violence prevention.

The second perspective is a tool to empower vulnerable groups to achieve specific goals.

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This will heighten the tension and anticipation for viewers.

The dynamic acting of Kim Nam Gil and Kim Young Kwang is combined with a gripping narrative.

The series of action sequences will surely thrill the audience.

“Trigger” is poised to redefine the genre.

This series offers a perfect blend of drama, action, and suspense.

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