Nam Yoon Soo has recently confirmed his participation in the film titled “Love in the Big City.”

In this film, Nam Yoon Soo will share the screen with Kim Go Eun and Noh Sang Hyun/Steve Noh.

Previously, Nam Yoon Soo has starred in dramas such as Extracurricular, Beyond Evil, and the most recent one, Today’s Webtoon.

“Love in the Big City” tells the story of a lonely gay man who is also living with HIV. He decides to live with his female best friend and searches for the meaning of happiness.

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The film is adapted from a novel of the same title by the author Sang Young Park. Despite featuring elements of Boys Love (BL), the novel received critical acclaim.

Additionally, the novel was nominated for the Booker Prize and the International Dublin Literary Prize. Its story is not only loved by domestic fans but also enjoyed by international fans.

Sang Young Park, the author of the novel, is also involved in writing the screenplay for the film “Love in the Big City.”

Here are some comments from netizens after learning about Nam Yoon Soo’s participation in the film:

“I’m surprised. That’s why I was looking for his upcoming drama schedule lol.”

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“Oh, this is BL? I thought it was a slice of life, but there’s no romance in it. When I saw the movie, there are gay characters, but based on the synopsis, it’s not BL lol.”

“I think this might be the only BL project of his that I won’t watch.”

“Who is he? Oh my god, I’m so happy. By the way, ‘BL’ in my mind is just cute dramas, while this book is far from cute… I didn’t even smile a bit.”

“I’m so shocked that Nam Yoon Soo is starring in a BL.”

“BANG!! It’s been so long since he acted in a drama, and now…”

And many other comments.

The film “Love in the Big City” is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2024.

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