Knetz – As her debut approaches, Pharita of BABYMONSTER has captured the public’s attention with her exceptional visuals and talents.

In a evaluation video shared by YG, Pharita of BABYMONSTER also showcased her impressive vocal abilities.

This has raised the public’s expectations for Pharita of BABYMONSTER.

Both hailing from Thailand, it’s not uncommon for many to refer to Pharita of BABYMONSTER as the potential second Lisa of BLACKPINK due to her multifaceted abilities.

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Unfortunately, the nickname “second Lisa” appears to make some Knetz uncomfortable.

Knetz acknowledge that Lisa and Pharita are indeed different individuals, each with their own unique path that cannot be equated.

“Personally, I am honestly tired of hearing about ‘this one is the second’ or ‘that one is the second’ in every debuting group.”

“Lisa is Lisa; please separate the two of them.”

“I really like Pharita, but I feel that her media portrayal is somewhat peculiar. I’m not sure if it’s a media issue or a YG issue.”

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“Isn’t Lisa’s image built because she debuted with BLACKPINK and was under YG’s umbrella?”

“NewJeans, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, and aespa are currently on international tours. The best time for BABYMONSTER’s debut is now, while the domestic market is quiet. They need to debut quickly to start building a foundation. They can’t solely rely on YG’s name to make them stand out.”

“But where is the support for the other Korean members? Hahaha. I think Rora is pretty enough too.”

Meanwhile, YG has announced that BABYMONSTER will soon make their debut in November.

Currently, all BABYMONSTER members are reported to be preparing for choreography rehearsals and will begin shooting their debut music video at the end of October.





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