The news about Lisa BLACKPINK on her social media Weibo account originating from China has closed off her online activities.

In fact, there are no rumors regarding the deletion of luxury brands, YES, to delete this Chinese Weibo account signifies a challenging situation above China’s online activities.

According to CNN and others, one of the members of BLACKPINK, Lisa, appeared on the globally renowned 19 Gold event in Paris, France.

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Reports also revealed the blocking of access to Lisa’s Weibo account, showing an announcement that reads, “This account can no longer be viewed due to violations of the law and Weibo’s management regulations.”

Although no official explanation has been received, CNN noted that there have been too many controversies, leading Chinese internet companies to consecutively block the account due to violations of the country’s censorship rules.

They expressed, “Lisa’s suspension from Weibo occurred when she triggered a major controversy in tightly controlled Chinese internet after her appearance at the Crazy Horse show in Paris in September.”

In CNN report, they highlighted Lisa’s appearance that sparked controversy in the conservative Asian sector.

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Lisa appearance has become a fierce debate and is the reason why Lisa, the only non-Korean member of BLACKPINK, is very popular in China.

As of now, the Weibo accounts of other members, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rose, are still accessible, while Lisa’s situation has sparked speculation that her appearance at the 9 Gold Show likely influenced these events.

For your information, the Crazy Horse show is one of the three shows that have representatives from Paris collaborating with Moulin Rouge and Lido Show.

The show was founded by avant-garde artist Alain Bernardin and is known for being the most open of the three major shows in Paris.

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Lisa was invited to participate in the show and showcased her sensuality with extraordinary clothing that drew attention on the internet.

Hence, this violated China’s internet policy, “Self-Management Actions for Performing Arts Entertainers” by the Chinese Performing Arts Association, which states that entertainers “shall not arrange, participate in, or promote pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, terrorism, etc.”

Lisa will face difficulties in her future activities if she engages in promotional activities that lead to explicit and vulgar performances, as this is considered a violation of the ‘Dignity Maintenance Regulations,’ insisted upon by a Chinese official and will be dealt with severely. In the midst of this global recession, the Chinese market is highly influential and offers continuous growth every day.

Global brands won’t be able to ignore China, causing speculation when Lisa’s photos were removed from Instagram Bulgari, but that news turned out to be a hoax.

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