Suspected actor Lee Sun Kyun, who is suspected of using drugs, provided a statement to the police in the latest investigation conducted on Sunday, November 5.

In his statement, Lee Sun Kyun admitted to using drugs because he was deceived by the manager of an entertainment establishment.

“I was deceived by Mr. A (29, female), the manager of an entertainment venue, and eventually consumed the drugs,” Lee Sun Kyun said, as quoted by Sports Chosun.

According to legal experts, Lee Sun Kyun was summoned on Saturday afternoon by the Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit and the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency.

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Furthermore, Lee Sun Kyun confessed that he was unaware that he was consuming illicit substances and believed it to be regular medication.

“Mr. A deceived me and gave me something,” Lee Sun Kyun’s stated. “I didn’t know it was drugs,” he added.

The police also secured crucial evidence related to drugs through digital forensics on Lee Sun Kyun’s seized cellphone during the initial questioning on October 28, 2023.

Regarding Lee Sun Kyun’s claim of being entrapped, the police plan to further investigate its veracity.

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Can Lee Sun Kyun’s statement be trusted?

The police also admitted that they would re-examine Lee Sun Kyun’s statements from the previous investigation day.

In the earlier investigation, Lee Sun Kyun’s told reporters that he would honestly answer any questions at the police.

“I answer questions sincerely and tell the truth,” Lee Sun Kyun’s said to reporters.

In the previous investigation, Lee Sun Kyun also confessed that he had been extorted and threatened by Mr. A and Mr. B.

“In connection with this incident, I was threatened and extorted 350 million Won,” Lee Sun Kyun told the police.

Mr. A also admitted that he had been threatened by people associated with Mr. B.

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“I was also threatened on social media by individuals from group B, who suspected the relationship between me and Mr. Lee (Lee Sun Kyun’s). I’m not sure exactly who made those threats,” Mr. A said.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun Kyun’s has been accused of using various types of drugs, including marijuana, at Mr. A’s residence in Seoul.

However, both a simple urine test and a detailed analysis conducted by the National Institute of Forensic Science using Lee Sun Kyun’s hair showed negative results.

Lee Sun Kyun’s admitted to being framed for drug use, but the test results are negative, and the police have mentioned new suspicions.

According to the National Institute of Forensic Science, the reported length of Lee Sun Kyun’s hair is 8-10 cm.

Considering it takes approximately one month to grow 1 cm of hair, Lee Sun Kyun is suspected of not using drugs for the past 8 to 10 months.

However, the possibility that Lee Sun Kyun used drugs more than 10 months ago has not been ruled out by the police.

Furthermore, it is reported that there is a possibility that drug substances may be detected in other hair samples from Lee Sun Kyun’s, so additional test results are still awaited for further verification of the suspicions.

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