Is it possible that DEAN will make a comeback after quite some time?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting new work that this musician might bring back.

On November 4th KST, DEAN, a singer and songwriter in the R&B genre, made quite a buzz.

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Lately, many fans have been sharing a photo on their social media.

In the photo, there’s a poster with the word “missing” written on it in the Seoul area.

The rumor of DEAN’s comeback is widely associated with the appearance of a poster.

In the image on the poster, there’s a resemblance to DEAN face.

Not only is there the image, but also the word “MISSING” at the bottom of the poster.

The posters, which are widely pasted and hung up in various areas of Seoul, are raising questions.

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Within the poster, there’s also a message that reads, “If found, the poster urges those who read the sign.”

Readers are encouraged to contact @jaahlink or call a number.

The number listed is (+82) 70-8979-0229 with additional information:


20 Years Old

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REWARD: 999,999 Won

When the listed number is called, a snippet of a mysterious audio can be heard.

Dean, who has been on a music hiatus for a while, is a hot topic with rumors of his return to the music industry.

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