Jungkook of BTS has just released a music video for the main song “GOLDEN,” titled “Standing Next To You.”

The music video for the main song “GOLDEN” by Jungkook of BTS, titled “Standing Next To You,” has been warmly welcomed by ARMY on social media.

In fact, on Twitter, the topic of “Standing Next To You” and Jungkook of BTS started trending several hours before the music video was released.

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As quoted from Twitter @/0613frames, it turns out that Jungkook of BTS filmed the video in an unusual location for the “Standing Next To You” MV.

It turns out that Jungkook of BTS filmed at an “abandoned” location in Hungary.

As reported on Twitter @/0613frames, ‘Standing Next To You’ by Jungkook of BTS was filmed at the Kelenföld Power Station located in Budapest, Hungary.

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The Kelenföld Power Station was built in 1914 and has not been in use since the 2000s, but it is still regularly cleaned due to its architectural significance.

Upon hearing this news, ARMY members expressed various reactions.

Here are some comments quoted from the comments section on Twitter @/0613frames and @/Jungkooknesia:

“Wow, this reminds me of the location of the ‘Black Swan’ music video in LA!”

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“WOW, the location is truly stunning, very cinematic!!! I already love the colors in the teasers. Very beautiful, mysterious, and truly warm and GOLDEN!”

In addition, Jungkook of BTS also filmed in another location in Hungary, the Hungaroring racetrack, where the Hungarian Grand Prix F1 is held.

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