Last October, the French luxury fashion brand Dior appointed Jimin of BTS as their Global Ambassador.

Simultaneously, Jimin of BTS was designated as the Global Ambassador for Dior’s Spring 2024 Collection.

Recently, Dior announced its top ranking in the fashion brand list after the launch of the Spring 2024 Collection featuring Jimin of BTS as the model.

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Dior’s success in securing the top spot can be attributed to the impact and influence of Jimin on the brand’s publicity.

What’s even more surprising is that Dior’s stock prices have soared to an all-time high.

Since Jimin was chosen as the face of the Spring 2024 Collection campaign, Dior’s stock prices have risen by 6.41%, with the potential for further increases with each new trade.

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This is because Jimin’s fans are flocking to buy the clothes their idol wears.

Not only that, Jimin has made history by becoming the first Asian man to be the face of the entire Spring 2024 Collection.

The launch of the Spring 2024 Collection with Jimin as the face is known to be Dior’s most significant campaign to date.

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Now, all the clothes worn by Jimin in the ads for the Spring 2024 Collection have sold out on several regional websites, including Japan and Taiwan.

Even though the clothing collection worn by Jimin is sold out, fans continue to make purchases by buying accessories with the same brand.

Jimin’s influence in the world of luxury fashion is increasingly recognized, thanks to the constant support from fans throughout his career journey.

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