On November 5th, there has been a lot of discussion about SM Entertainment’s treatment of Jaemin from NCT Dream, which has sparked the anger of fans.

It was reported that the K-pop boy group, NCT Dream, under the management of SM Entertainment, held a fansign event in Qingdao, China, in which Jaemin participated.

Fans eagerly awaited the NCT Dream fansign event, but SM’s treatment of Jaemin during the event has left fans emotional.

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Fans captured several moments that they suspected were “unfair” treatment of Jaemin from NCT Dream by SM.

During the event, fans noticed that all the NCT Dream members, except Jaemin, were wearing headbands and accessories provided by the fans. This stark contrast in treatment caught the attention of NCT Dream fans, as Jaemin was the only one not wearing any accessories.

In addition, fans also documented a moment when Jaemin appeared to be upset without any apparent reason. Despite fans bringing gifts for all NCT Dream members, what Jaemin received made fans believe that SM staff had taken specific gifts meant for him and did not give them to the idol.

One popular Jaemin fansite even shared an experience of bringing headbands for the NCT Dream members, only to have the staff take them away immediately.

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SM staff’s treatment of Jaemin further angered fans, as their idol continued to smile while interacting with other fans.

In response to the unfair treatment of Jaemin by SM, fans have taken action. They expressed their anger towards SM Entertainment by using the hashtag #JaeminDeservesBetter on social media platforms. Fans also used the hashtag #SM_BeFairToJAEMIN on Twitter.

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Some fans edited photos of Jaemin to make it look like he was wearing headband accessories, expressing their sadness because he didn’t have accessories like the other members.

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