On Saturday, October 28, actor Lee Sun Kyun underwent an examination at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency.

Actor Lee Sun Kyun was sent home after just one hour of the examination.

Surprisingly, the results of a simple test showed that actor Lee Sun Kyun tested negative for drugs.

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The test was conducted after the police received an order to examine Lee Sun Kyun’s body on Wednesday, October 25.

For now, the validity of the simple test cannot be confirmed, as such tests typically detect drug use within 5-10 days before the test. If drugs were not used within that timeframe, the result would be negative.

The police plan to send Lee Sun Kyun’s urine and hair to the National Forensic Service of Korea for a comprehensive examination.

Comprehensive testing may take up to one month for the results to be obtained.

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Additionally, the police are attempting to confirm whether Lee Sun Kyun admits to the allegations.

However, Lee Sun Kyun refused to face-to-face questioning and declined to provide any statement.

Since the results of the simple test came out negative, the formal face-to-face investigation with Lee Sun Kyun has been postponed to a later scheduled summons.

After the investigation, Lee Sun Kyun admitted to surrendering his phone for further examination.

“I have already given them my phone. I have responded positively to the necessary requests for the upcoming official investigation.”

“I heard they will request the investigation later, so I will answer sincerely at that time.”

Meanwhile, before the investigation, Lee Sun Kyun took a moment to speak to the reporters.

He lowered his head and apologized to the people who had supported him.

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