The hashtag #STAY STRONG G-DRAGON is currently trending on social media.

STAY STRONG G-DRAGON has become a widespread trend coinciding with the arrival of the idol.

On platform X, the hashtag #STAY STRONG G-DRAGON is trending as G-Dragon is set to make an appearance.

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The idol will voluntarily address recent allegations related to drug use.

Previously, G-Dragon legal team provided clarification regarding his appearance.

He will appear voluntarily on November 6 and cooperate in a fair investigation.

This will be done in collaboration with the Narcotics Crime Investigation Unit of the Incheon Police Department.

As of now, the idol denies the allegations in this case.

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He has also begun taking legal action against YouTubers spreading hoaxes.

This has elicited reactions from fans and netizens on social media, such as the following:

“I’ll light up my Bangbong for you tonight, Ji. I hope all the love from VIPs around the world reaches you and gives you strength! With you Forever… our leader!”


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“His IG tag turned yellow, and it’s beautiful! Keep it going!”

“Watching this video today brought tears to my eyes but also gave me strength. I told myself that you’ve been through so much hardship in the industry for 30 years, but you’ve survived. That’s why I believe this too shall pass. STAY STRONG G-DRAGON

“We may not be physically by his side tomorrow, but we can digitally rally support and show him that we are still here.”

“So please, everyone, let’s bathe him in a wave of yellow.”

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