The drama “Castaway Diva,” starring Park Eun Bin, has successfully become a weekend TVN drama receiving much acclaim.

Park Eun Bin’s performance is cited as one of the significant influences behind the success of “Castaway Diva.”

Premiering on October 28, “Castaway Diva” has achieved considerable growth in terms of viewer ratings. Starting with a 3.2 percent rating in the first episode, the success continued, reaching over 8 percent in the fourth episode.

This rating tripled within just two weeks, with expectations of further increases, soon surpassing the 10 percent mark.

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With this achievement, the renowned Korean entertainment company, CJ ENM, is reported to have turned the tide and successfully emerged from financial setbacks. This reversal of financial losses is attributed to various recently released content, particularly “Castaway Diva.”

As the lead in “Castaway Diva,” Park Eun Bin has received praise for her impressive acting and perfect portrayal of the character.

The recent success of “Castaway Diva” is particularly crucial for CJ ENM, as most of their previous high-budget content failed to capture attention. The highly anticipated CJ ENM drama, “Arthdal Chronicles: Sword of Aramun,” concluded with only around a 4 percent viewer rating, causing concerns about the company’s ability to compete with future content.

Park Eun Bin’s impressive performance in the previous year’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” had already raised expectations for her next project. In “Castaway Diva,” she successfully portrayed the character Seo Mok Ha, a prospective singer rescued from a deserted island after 15 years.

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“Castaway Diva” is considered a savior and hope for CJ ENM, which had previously been criticized as dull and outdated.

The drama’s OST has successfully trended on various music platforms, aiding in CJ ENM’s financial recovery.

On November 8, CJ ENM revealed a profit of 7.4 billion in the third quarter, a significant turnaround from their previous struggle with over 80 billion KRW in losses. CJ ENM expressed optimism that this financial recovery would continue into the fourth quarter.

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CJ ENM has expanded its programming with dramas featuring top actors, such as “Castaway Diva” and “Maestra,” along with entertainment content like “Green Bean, Red Bean” (GBRB), “Unexpected Business 3,” and “The Genius Paik 2.”

However, as the film and drama division is the highlighted area, current attention is focused on “Castaway Diva,” seen as an opportunity to bring CJ ENM back to success in the near future.

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