Not long after hearing the news that Jisoo of BLACKPINK would be starring in “Omniscient Reader’s Perspective,” she is now in discussions for the K-drama “Zombie Influenza.”

Despite her skyrocketing singing career, with many international brands associating themselves with Jisoo, she continues to actively pursue acting.

Not only does she possess a talented voice, but she also has incredible dancing abilities, as evidenced by her performance in “Flower.”

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Jisoo is set to star in this new drama alongside Kim Jun Han and Park Jung Min.

According to Korean media reports November 3, actor Kim Jun Han is also joining the cast of the upcoming Coupang Play series titled “Influenza” alongside Jisoo.

Eventually, their agency expressed a positive outlook on the actor’s participation, confirming that he will be joining Jisoo BLACKPINK and Park Jung Min in the project.

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The drama “Influenza” is set against the backdrop of a high-level air defense unit in Seoul.

It follows the journey of soldier Jae Yoon and his lover Young Joo, who have just received news that they will be separated as they attempt to evade hordes of zombies.

This epic collaboration features the screenwriter Han Ji Won from “Parasite,” along with director Yoon Sung Hyun from “Black Night” and “Time to Hunt,” and is accompanied by writer Ji Ho Jin.

In the drama, Park Jung Min is still in discussions to play the role of Jae Yoon, who was formerly weak and lacked confidence but gradually starts to take on the role of leading the troops against the zombies.

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Kim Jun Han is reported to play the role of Private Ra In Ho, who is a junior to Lee Jae Yoon. This character makes significant contributions during the zombie apocalypse.

Ra In Ho offers many ideas to solve crises and develops techniques for survival relying solely on his intellect, which can extend the survival time for his fellow soldiers with diverse skills.

Meanwhile, Jisoo will play the character Young Joo, who becomes a resilient individual while struggling to survive in the midst of the ongoing zombie attacks. She is currently in positive discussions for her role in the drama.

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