It has been reported that the production of Apple TV+ series, titled Dr. Brain Season 2, is currently on hold. The drama features the lead actor, Lee Sun Kyun.

On the 2nd, media outlets reported that Apple TV+ had announced the production of Dr. Brain Season 2, which had been discussed earlier, but is now halted. According to the reports, the production team from both America and Korea were in the process of writing and revising the script.

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Both parties exchanged scripts, but ultimately, no satisfactory script emerged, which left them in a state of non-productivity. This has raised concerns about the creation of a satisfying piece of work.

The Apple TV+ series Dr. Brain is a science fiction thriller adapted from a webtoon. The webtoon, from which the series was adapted, shares the same title as the Apple TV+ drama. The story explores what happens when a genius brain scientist gains access to the brain of a deceased person.

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This series garnered significant attention as the first original Korean content on Apple TV+ and also due to the involvement of actor Lee Sun Kyun. Other cast members include Lee Yoo Young, Park Hee Soon, and Seo Ji Hye.

The lead actor, Lee Sun Kyun, has recently been under investigation for drug use, leading to concerns that the production might be canceled. The production team has not issued any statements and has not disclosed their stance.

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The current situation, marred by scriptwriting complications and the drug-related investigation of the lead actor Lee Sun Kyun, is not the reason for the non-production of Dr. Brain Part Two.

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