Excluded from Nominations in the Prestigious Grammy Awards Next Year

K-pop enthusiasts were disappointed as their favorite idols were absent from the list of nominees for the upcoming Grammy Awards.

The Grammy Awards, in their announcement on November 10, revealed the candidates vying for the prestigious accolades. However, no K-pop songs secured nominations in this esteemed award ceremony.

BTS, which had been nominated for the Grammy Awards for three consecutive years, did not make it to the nominations this year. Previously, BTS had secured a nomination in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category with all seven members contributing to their own song.

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Despite Jimin and Jungkook topping the Billboard Hot 100 charts this year with their song, expectations of their nomination did not materialize.

Additionally, the new girl group NewJeans, having three songs on the Hot 100 simultaneously, had the potential for a Best New Artist nomination, but they were also overlooked.

Not only NewJeans, but Stray Kids, with two albums topping the main Billboard 200 charts this year, were also left without a Grammy nomination.

Twice, who held concerts in the United States, and Fifty Fifty, who successfully entered the Hot 100 with “Cupid,” were submitted for Grammy consideration, but the judges disregarded them.

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After the nominations were announced, USA Today reported that Pink, Sam Smith, and K-pop were excluded from the 2024 Grammy Awards.

“Even with 94 categories, the Grammys overlooked some clear contenders,” they said.

In an article titled “Who Else Got the Cold Shoulder,” they noted, “K-pop may be one of the most successful genres globally, but Grammy judges ignored it.”

“Besides BTS, Seventeen, TXT, and NewJeans have received various praises and achieved commercial success,” they added. “If the Grammys ignore the K-pop genre in general categories, they should consider adding a specific category.”

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This exclusion comes at a time when other popular music award shows like the American Music Awards (AMAs) and the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) have added K-pop categories.

USA Today also pointed out that Luke Combs, praised for his remake of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car,” was only nominated for Best Country Solo Performance.

Sam Smith, lauded for their fourth studio album “Gloria,” did not receive a single nomination.

Pink, who received acclaim for their ninth studio album, “TRUSTFALL,” was also notably absent from the nominations.

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Previously, BTS won awards at the BBMAs and AMAs, considered three of the major award ceremonies in the United States. However, no K-pop artist, not even BTS, has managed to secure a prestigious Grammy.

The Korean winner at the classical Grammy Awards category is Soprano Sumi Jo, who received recognition for the best album in the classical opera category.

The Grammy Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on February 4, 2024.”

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