IU and Lee Jong Suk are celebrities who confirmed their relationship in early 2023.

The news of IU and Lee Jong Suk dating was well-received by their fans, who showed their support for this celebrity couple.

Recently, netizens have been teasing IU and Lee Jong Suk, suggesting that they are currently doing a prewedding photoshoot. This speculation began with a post from an individual who shared a photo of the two.

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On Wednesday, November 2, it was revealed that IU herself had posted various photos on her personal Instagram account. In the photos she shared, IU looked stunning and charming in a black and white gown.

Earlier, on Monday, October 31, Lee Jong Suk also shared a moment from his photoshoot on his personal Instagram.

Based on these photos, netizens began to playfully suggest that IU and Lee Jong Suk might indeed be preparing for a prewedding photoshoot. Interestingly, both celebrities were wearing uniforms with similar themes, which raised suspicions among netizens.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a photoshoot together,” one netizen said, successfully fueling the speculation.

Photo of IU and Lee Jong Suk Together in a Prewedding Setting (Twitter)

Several other netizens agreed and teased that IU and Lee Jong Suk might be in the midst of a prewedding photoshoot.

Some netizens also mentioned their anticipation for an official marriage announcement from the couple. Here are some of the comments from netizens:

“Is it a prewedding?”

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“Can’t wait to see their prewedding photos.”

“Getting my heart ready for IU’s marriage announcement.”

“I won’t be surprised if they suddenly announce their wedding,” and various other comments.

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