Some time ago, shocking news came from the actor Lee Sun Kyun.

It all began with rumors about a top Korean actor being investigated for a drug-related case, and it was revealed that it was Lee Sun Kyun.

This news was certainly surprising for netizens and Lee Sun Kyun fans because his reputation was excellent, and he appeared to be a family man.

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However, due to this scandal, Lee Sun Kyun’s reputation was tarnished, and he had to apologize to the public and withdraw from the projects he was scheduled to work on.

The police continued their investigation by conducting tests on Lee Sun Kyun urine and hair.

As reported by Naver News, the police requested approximately 100 strands of Lee Sun Kyun hair for analysis through a search and seizure.

The results of the urine and hair tests for Lee Sun Kyun came back negative as no psychoactive substances were detected.

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With this, Lee Sun Kyun’s was proven not to have used drugs for at least 8 to 10 months.

However, even though his hair test results were ‘negative,’ it does not necessarily mean that he never used marijuana because factors that interfere with the examination, such as bleaching, often occur.

News about the urine and hair test results for Lee Sun Kyun’s sparked various reactions from netizens, both local and international.

Some felt relieved because Lee Sun Kyun’s was proven not to have consumed drugs, but others emphasized the fact that it doesn’t necessarily mean the actor never used marijuana.

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Here are some comments quoted from Theqoo and Twitter:

“Relieved to hear this.”

“If that’s the case, he must have used it.”

“I think we need to wait and see.”

“This doesn’t mean he didn’t use it at all; the hair test can’t detect past usage. The fact that he was there and could be blackmailed by the dealer is already strange. But thankfully, at least for the past 10 months, he has been clean, which means that if he did use it before, he genuinely wanted to quit.”

“I’ll be plucking my hair out too…”

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