Actor Lee Sun Kyun has been summoned by the police for a re-investigation.

Previously, he was suspected of drug use and has now been called in by the police.

On November 4th, the police called in Lee Sun Kyun again, who was accused of violating the Drug Control Act (related to marijuana and psychotropic substances), and they are currently interrogating the suspect.

The actor is facing charges for his alleged drug habit. The suspected drugs in question are marijuana and psychotropic substances found at the residence of a woman referred to as “A.” This woman is said to be an employee at a prosperous nightclub in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

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During the preliminary hearing held on October 28th, Lee Sun Kyun introduced himself humbly. He opened up to the investigative team and expressed his intentions through his legal counsel.

“I remain consistent with the position previously stated by my agency.”

“I promise to fully and honestly cooperate with the investigation. At this time, my heart is with my family, who bears a heavy burden.”

The initial drug test conducted at that time yielded a negative result. This led the police to request further evaluation from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI).

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Authorities working on the case intend to secure Lee Sun Kyun’s statements during the investigation on November 4th.

Lee Sun Kyun did not make any statements regarding the drug use allegations during the initial investigation.

There are also reports that “A” generally admitted to using drugs together with a nightclub manager known as “B.”

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