G-Dragon has become a hot topic among netizens again following allegations of drug abuse some time ago.

Through his legal representative, G-Dragon recently denied all these allegations.

Although G-Dragon has refuted these accusations, not all netizens believe what he has stated.

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After this case was exposed to the public, despite his denials, the online harassment directed towards G-Dragon has escalated.

In the midst of this scandal, on Monday October 31, G-Dragon uploaded a photo on his Instagram account.

However, shortly after that, he deleted the photo.

Even though the photo was deleted, it continued to circulate on social media and various online communities.

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G-Dragon posted one of the Buddha’s teachings, namely the 8-Fold Path of the Buddha’s teachings.

Photos uploaded by G-Dragon before they were eventually deleted. (Instagram @xxibgdrgn)

According to the Buddha’s teachings, there are 8 paths of the Buddha’s teachings, which consist of:

1. Right View
2. Right Intention
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action
5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Concentration (Meditation)

The photo also mentioned Enlightenment, which refers to reaching the highest level in Buddhism. When a Buddhist disciple discovers the truth about their existence and ceases to be reborn, they have attained Nirvana.

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After seeing these photos, netizens speculate that G-Dragon may be frustrated with his current situation. Many believe that with these photos, he is trying to refute the allegations of drug use against him. He is attempting to convince everyone that he is a devout follower of his religion and does not violate the religious principles he has embraced.

Currently, G-Dragon is preparing to voluntarily attend an interrogation on Monday, November 11.

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