The famous pop duo Davichi is gearing up to make a highly anticipated return to the music industry after a break of about one and a half years.

The announcement was made on November 1st, KST, confirming that Davichi is scheduled to release a new song on November 15th, KST.

This upcoming release marks Davichi’s first comeback since their critically acclaimed mini-album, “Season Note,” which was launched in May 2022.

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The excitement doesn’t stop at their music comeback. Following the album release, Davichi will grace the stage with their 2023 DAVICHI CONCERT Starry Starry solo concert.

This concert series is scheduled to take place in Seoul, from December 15th to 17th, 2023.

The duo showcased their exceptional popularity and fan base as tickets for the event sold out immediately upon release, with additional show tickets also selling at a rapid pace.

Davichi’s return is an exciting development for fans both in Korea and internationally, who have been eagerly anticipating what this dynamic duo will bring to the music scene after their hiatus.

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With their powerful vocals and emotionally charged performances, they are expected to bring a new layer to their already celebrated music careers.

On May 2nd, KST, WAKEONE Entertainment announced that they have renewed their contract with Davichi based on the trust and deep bond they have shared for a long time.

WAKEONE will continue to provide full support as a reliable partner to ensure that Davichi remains active in all directions as a female vocal duo representing Korea.

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They continued by saying, “I want to express our gratitude to Davichi Code and many others who have tirelessly supported and loved Davichi for a long time. Please continue to show interest and love for WAKEONE and Davichi, who will keep moving forward.”

Davichi made their debut as a female vocal duo in 2008 and demonstrated the unmatched power of their voices by creating a number of mega-hit songs beloved by the public.

Since their debut, with 4 full albums, 7 mini-albums, 13 singles, and solo albums by Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung, they have solidified themselves as one of the best vocal groups in Korea, showcasing unparalleled tones and exceptional vocal skills.

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