Entertainment Venue Manager, “A,” Reveals Suspicions Regarding Alleged Drug Use by G-Dragon.

This came to light on Saturday November 11 as the police investigated “A” for his involvement in the drug scandal surrounding actor Lee Sun Gyun.

According to the police, “A” provided a statement claiming that he discovered suspicious wrapping paper after G-Dragon used the restroom.

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In his statement, he mentioned that the incident took place in December of last year.

Shortly after finding the suspicious wrapping paper in the restroom, G-Dragon behavior reportedly became peculiar.

“At the beginning of December last year, G-Dragon used the company restroom, and suspicious wrapping paper was found in the restroom. Shortly after that, his behavior also became strange,” he revealed.

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At the time of the incident, “A” worked as a manager at an exclusive adult entertainment venue in Gangnam, Seoul.

“A” is suspected of obtaining prescription drugs from a close acquaintance who is a doctor and then illegally providing drugs to celebrities such as Lee Sun Gyun and G-Dragon.

Furthermore, “A” is also accused of establishing a drug-use space in his residence and extorting hundreds of million won from Lee Sun Gyun.

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