Cho Jin Woong is currently a hot topic in the acting industry. He is being considered to join the cast of the new drama series titled “No Way Out.”

This development is a result of a drug scandal that implicated actor Lee Sun Kyun. On October 30, KST, an entertainment industry official provided information to the media regarding this matter.

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“Cho Jin Woong has recently received an offer to play the lead character in ‘No Way Out.”

“The actor himself has confirmed that he is reviewing the script after the role was offered to him.”

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“No Way Out” is an upcoming drama series that was originally set to star Lee Sun Kyun. The show revolves around a heinous criminal who is released from prison, sparking public outrage. A reward of 20 billion won is offered for the murder of this released inmate, and Detective Baek Joong Sik is tasked with protecting the killer from the angry public.

Initially, the role of Detective Baek Joong Sik was assigned to actor Lee Sun Kyun. However, due to his recent involvement in a drug case, he voluntarily withdrew from the project.

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News of Lee Sun Kyun’s exit from the drama project quickly spread through the media. The production agency reportedly started shooting with another actor to fill the lead role.

Lee Sun Kyun was also recently seen at a police station after being confirmed as a top star charged with the illegal use of narcotics.

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