Kim Min Kyu, a former participant of Produce X 101, is rumored to join Suho of EXO in the drama ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared.’

Suho EXO received a casting offer for ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared’ while still starring in the drama ‘Behind Your Touch.’

Last September, SM Entertainment confirmed the news, stating that Suho was in positive discussions at that time.

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According to JTBC, someone from the entertainment industry revealed on Thursday that Kim Min Kyu would join ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared.’

Kim Min Kyu is reported to play the role of Prince Doseong, co-starring with Suho from EXO and actress Hong Ye Ji.

In ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared,’ Suho has been offered the lead role as the crown prince. The drama is a romantic comedy set in the Joseon era, telling the story of a crown prince kidnapped by a woman who will become his wife.

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Meanwhile, Prince Doseong (Kim Min Kyu) aspires to become a crown prince but faces a dilemma when his presumed-dead brother, Lee Geon, unexpectedly returns. The story unfolds as a love triangle between Kim Min Kyu, Suho, and Hong Ye Ji begins to take shape.

Recently, Kim Min Kyu’s signed an exclusive contract with Kang Entertainment. He started his career by appearing on the survival program ‘Produce X 101’ in 2019, gaining public attention for his visuals. After his journey on ‘Produce X 101,’ Kim Min Kyu began his acting career in 2021 with the web drama ‘Idol: The Coup,’ starring Hani from EXID. In the following year, he appeared in ‘Seasons of Blossom’ and ‘The Fabulous.’

In 2023, Kim Min Kyu’s is confirmed to play a role in the upcoming tvN drama ‘Maestra: String of The Truth’ as Kim Tae Ho.

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With various roles under his belt, fans are now eagerly anticipating Kim Min Kyu’s transformation in ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared.’

The latest MBN drama, ‘The Crown Prince Has Disappeared,’ is planning to commence filming soon, targeting a broadcast schedule in March of the following year (2024).

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