Several fans of G-Dragon are engaging in activities to protect their idol.

Using campaign filters and “G-Dragon Guardian of Daisy” hashtag on Instagram, fans are raising awareness.

The campaign filters used by fans convey the intention to protect and support G-Dragon.

Fans are using filters with aster flowers, logos, and symbols of G-Dragon’s fashion brand.

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Posts using these filters have turned into a movement to protect G-Dragon.

The filters have spread widely among fans, and they are posting them to show support for G-Dragon.

Not only among fans, but some colleagues and staff working with G-Dragon are also participating in the campaign.

G-Dragon’s brand, Peaceminusonedotcom, is also actively involved in the campaign.

Recently, CL joined the campaign by posting a photo of herself with G-Dragon.

Not only CL, but CL’s sister, Lee Harin, also posted the filter on her Instagram story.

CL and G-Dragon, who were colleagues at the same agency, YG Entertainment, often spend time together.

Earlier, G-Dragon’s sister, Kwon Dami, claimed that her brother was innocent of drug allegations.

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On November 14, 2023, she said, “I really can’t stand it XX. You’re writing a novel.”

Additionally, Kwon Dami’s husband, actor Kim Min Jun, shared his thoughts by posting “G-Dragon Guardian of Daisy” on November 15.

Several of G-Dragon’s colleagues, such as Kwon Twin, Taehyun (Hair Stylist), Choice37, and others, also showed their support by using the campaign filter.

On October 25, police charged G-Dragon with violating the Narcotics Control Act.

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Later, G-Dragon cooperatively responded to the police call, stating, “I have never used drugs. I also have no connection to the drug law violation reported by the media.”

“However, I am actively participating in the investigation by investigative agencies because I know many people are concerned,” he added.

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