The issue of renewing the contracts of BLACKPINK members with YG Entertainment continues to be a hot topic among netizens.

Every promotional activity of BLACKPINK members is always linked to the renewal of their contracts with YG Entertainment, including the recent activities of Jennie.

On Thursday, November 16, 2023, Jennie BLACKPINK attended the opening event of the TAMBURINS brand perfume pop store in Korea.

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Jennie BLACKPINK captivated fans with her perfect visuals and body proportions.

In addition to her visuals, there was another aspect that caught the fans’ attention during Jennie attendance at the event.

Fans, in particular, noticed people, including staff, who assisted Jennie during her time with TAMBURINS.

In photos posted by fans, netizens recognized some familiar faces with Jennie at the event.

One of them well-known to fans is her former manager, Hosup, who recently left YG Entertainment. After photos of Jennie and her former manager were released, netizens began to speculate and connect this with Jennie’s contract status with YG Entertainment.

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Some argue that what her former manager did is evidence of his loyalty to Jennie.

However, others speculate that by working again with her former manager, Jennie might move to another company or even establish her own agency.

Over the past few weeks, many rumors and speculations have circulated regarding the contract extension of BLACKPINK with YG Entertainment.

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Although YG Entertainment has issued a statement saying they are still in the discussion stage with the members, rumors persist because some BLACKPINK members are engaging in individual activities without YG staff accompanying them.

Fans can only hope that the contract status of BLACKPINK members will be revealed by YG Entertainment in the near future.

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