It seems that the girl group FIFTY FIFTY is starting a new chapter by leaving Keena behind.

FIFTY FIFTY issues with their agency became a hot topic in the K-pop world, and eventually, Keena returned to her agency.

Now, Keena appears to be getting back into action with the name FIFTY FIFTY still attached to her image.

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Despite FIFTY FIFTY’s complicated issues with their agency, Keena recently appeared stunningly for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards.

Netizens seem pleased with Keena’s new visual, noting that she looks fresher and even more beautiful with her black hair.

Netizens appear even happier when Keena latest visual emerges on FIFTY FIFTY’s account on the group’s anniversary.

Keena in the birthday wishes FIFTY FIFTY (Twitter @we_fiftyfifty)

In other words, FIFTY FIFTY underwent an account overhaul on their first anniversary.

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From their social media posts, it’s evident that FIFTY FIFTY updated their account, featuring Keena as the new profile picture.

eena on the FIFTY FIFTY account (Twitter screenshot @we_fiftyfifty)

Shortly afterward, netizens showed extraordinary enthusiasm for Keena FIFTY FIFTY visual. On theqoo site, Korean netizens provided various comments.

Latest visuals of Keena on the FIFTY FIFTY birthday (Twitter collage @we_fiftyfifty)

“Oh, working alone…? Are they recruiting additional members?”

“I think black hair suits you better.”

“Now I can comfortably listen to Fifty Fifty songs. I hope the new member can do well.”

“Every photo is amazing, very beautiful.”

“Wow, I really need to remember your face.”

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“Wow, she stands out so much, her appearance is attractive, really beautiful.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen her real face, but her mouth is amazing, shiny, and beautiful.”

“Wow, why is she so beautiful?”

“The more I see Keena, the more beautiful she becomes. Let’s be good new members and have fun.”

And many other comments. What do you think?

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