Jessi Baby Spoiler for Next Year Sparks Netizen Discussion

Recently, the singer Jessi revealed her strong desire to start a family. Jessi, who made a comeback with “Gum,” appeared as a guest on SBS Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio on October 31st.

Jessi shared her perfectionist attitude, saying, “I went to the editing room and reviewed all the music videos for my songs over the last six years. People didn’t love me, and they didn’t help me, so I had to do it.”

When asked about her ideal type, Jessi expressed, “I like a strong man. To me, a man is someone who protects me and does his job well.” She also caught attention when she spoke about the idea of becoming pregnant, confessing, “I’ve said many times that I would freeze my eggs.

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I want to be a mother, but I also have to work, so I need to find a balance. Because I love children, I want to create music and books for kids, and then I’ll get calls from them. I think it’s a challenge; children are the most innocent people. I want to have a baby now or even next year.”

One listener expressed concern and mentioned that Jessi had canceled her music broadcast schedules due to health reasons. Jessi then responded, “I left my previous agency and started working on my own. I learned a lot, and I was betrayed by people.

I felt lonely, but I had to work, right? As I continued to push myself, I felt my body weakening without realizing it.

I used to think, ‘I can fight through this,’ but this summer, I was hosting an event, and I felt like I was about to pass out. I don’t know how to manage stress well. When I’m stressed, I tend to need rest no matter what.

I haven’t rested at all in 3-4 years; I’ve been constantly busy, stressed, people have left me, I’ve been betrayed, and it’s tough because I’m hurt.

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I feel my body reacting to all of this now. These things, I’m very stressed about them. I can’t sleep because when I get home, I have a lot on my mind.

Honestly, I feel very sad, but don’t people say, ‘Jess, be honest?’ I can’t talk about my pain honestly. I just want to show the positive side, so I intentionally appear on broadcasts and create a lot of excitement.”

Comments from netizens:

“Stay strong, Jessi.”

“I remember Jessi mentioned in BamBam’s show that she wants to freeze her eggs because she feels like she’s getting older and is afraid her eggs might not be as productive anymore, even though she really wants to have children (I think she wants 3 kids).”

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“She will be a great mother.”

“Will she go for in vitro fertilization like Sayuri?”

“Are celebrity activities fully controlled by talent agencies, to the point where there’s no time for rest? Can’t they refuse job offers, or will it have a negative impact on their careers?”

“We’ll be waiting for you, Jessi.”

“Hopefully, you find your soulmate soon, Jess.”

“Jess, find your partner first.”

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